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The Ford Mustang Celebrates 50 Years

The Ford Mustang Celebrates 50 Years | Vernon, Okanagan, BC – Ford Dealer

Watch the sleek lines and sculpted curves of the Ford Mustang in action, and you will see why it has been around for 50 years. A half-century of magic in motion with the power and performance of a legend will impress you.


Models have changed over the years as sharp angles of the early models gave way to softer curves during the 1990s. Today’s model is more reminiscent of the early years with just as much power as you would expect. While the colours and body style has changed over the years, one thing has remained the same: Ford’s commitment to creating a vehicle that lives up to its legend. With the history behind this magnificent car, everyone will just have to see what the next 50 years brings to the Ford Mustang.

Test drive the legend and feel its power yourself at Watkin Motors Ford. Get behind the wheel and you just might want to take it home. With five decades of engineering behind it, this is one car that you have to drive to believe.

Ross Blankley
Watkin Motors Ford

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