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Ford SYNC 3 | A Better way to be connected

Ford has released updates to its SYNC 3 system by adding more extensive features and improved technology. Drivers will be excited by the extended capabilities of the SYNC 3 system. Ford took the best of their old systems and combined them with the features and technology that drivers needed. The Ford SYNC systems is already known for its amazing user interface and entertainment options. Take a look at what the SYNC 3 has added to it’s system.

Sync3 911

SYNC 3 Features:

Ford’s SYNC 3 is giving its system some great new upgrades. Ford drivers will be excited about the new system.

  •     Easy to use design
  •     Pinch to zoom screen technology
  •     High-speed performance and screen response
  •     Real world voice commands with immediate system response
  •     Pairs with an iPhone to connect with Siri with the Siri eyes free options
  •     A climate control app allows you to control the temperature inside the car with the screen
  •     Automatic updates via built-in Wi-fi network
  •     SYNC AppLink allows you download new apps onto your SYNC system


The SYNC 3 is available on these Ford models:

  • 2015  Ford Fiesta
  • 2015  Ford Focus
  • 2015  Ford Fusion
  • 2015  Ford Mustang
  • 2015  Ford C-Max
  • 2015  Ford Taurus
  • 2015  Ford Edge
  • 2015  Ford Flex
  • 2015  Ford Explorer
  • 2015  Ford Escape
  • 2015  Ford F-150
  • 2015  Ford Transit Connect
  • 2015  Ford Super-Duty

*SYNC is also available on the 2016 models of these vehicles.

SYNC 3 is more responsive than ever. Drivers will enjoy how easy it is to use the system. The number of apps that SYNC has will astound you and your passengers. There is no limit to what the SYNC 3 in your new Ford car, truck, or SUV can do.

Ross Blankley

Watkin Motors Ford

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  • Lorne Pearson September 16, 2015, 2:03 pm

    Sync 3 is a great system! The list of availability is not quite correct though. Sync 3 is available on most the new 2016 line up only so far and not on the 2015 models as this article says. We have Sync 3 at the Dealership in our new 2016 Escapes so please come down if you would like to try it out!

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