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Ford’s Assembly Line

Ford’s Assembly Line | Vernon, Okanagan, BC – Ford Dealer

With around 140 plants in more than 26 countries, employees are building new Ford vehicles every day. In fact, about 16 new vehicles are built every minute. During the day, between 4,000 and 6,000 parts travel over eight miles on the assembly line. Ford cares about the environment and how manufacturing impacts the planet. It has 20 plants are that are currently operating with a zero waste to landfill and they create less carbon dioxide than they did in 2000. Ford is taking manufacturing further.

Ford’s assembly line is one of the reasons that the manufacturer is successful at putting out winning models. The company has about 140 plants in over than 26 countries, with employees working on the latest models every day. Ford has vehicle assembly down to a science with an average of 16 vehicles rolling off the line each minute. Between 4,000 and 6,000 parts travel along the assembly line more than eight miles in a typical day.

Ford ensures that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly with 20 plants that have a zero waste to landfill. The plants create 47% less carbon dioxide than what they did in plants back in 2000. With new innovations and a dedication to quality, Ford takes manufacturing further.

Ross Blankley
Watkin Motors Ford

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