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FordPass | Remarkable Innovation

FordPass | Remarkable Innovation

Experience the future of connectivity with FordPass. This smartphone app is able to bring you remote access to the SYNC Connect System of your vehicle so that you are able to engage with your vehicle’s features from a distance.

FordPass is able to connect you to your vehicle and aid in helping you locate a parking spot, check to see if your vehicle needs gas, and even find a dealer all from a remote location. Now, more than ever, we are connecting with and relying on our smartphones throughout the day, and now with FordPass, you are able to take this integration a step further as you benefit from vehicle connectivity features with engineered simplicity.


Start your journey with FordPass by downloading the app from your App Store or Google Play. Once the app is on your smartphone, you are able to login with your Ford Account, or if you do not already have an account, you can create a new one. The app will then prompt you to add your SYNC Connect equipped vehicle through the Add Vehicle tab. You are able to add multiple vehicles to FordPass by scanning each vehicle’s VIN barcode and assigning each vehicle a nickname to help differentiate them. Once connected, you will need to activate SYNC Connect through FordPass and then allow FordPass access on the touchscreen inside your vehicle.  

Allow FordPass to take care of the details as you enjoy the ride. With its advanced series of technological features and seamless integration of features, you will be able to keep tabs on your vehicle, no matter where you go. Visit the friendly staff at Watkin Motors Ford to learn more about FordPass today!

Ross Blankley
Watkin Motors Ford

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