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Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Commercial Vehicle Inspections | Keeping Your Business Running Smoothly

Commercial Truck

Commercial vehicles need to be inspected to stay licensed and on the road in Canada. The goal of the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement department in British Columbia is to ensure that all commercial vehicles are safe to be driving on the highways. Only vehicles that maintain compliance with the inspection regulations can operate on the B.C. roadways.

Inspections on commercial vehicles must be performed by qualified licensed technicians. They must also be performed at designated inspection facilities and meet specific requirements to pass inspection. Vehicles that are obligated to have commercial inspections include:

  • Vehicles with a gross weight of more than 5,000 kg
  • Vehicles with seating capacity of at least 10 passengers
  • Vehicles that operate under the passenger transportation act

Safety features and mechanical systems are inspected to ensure that everything is in working order. Any items that fail the inspection must be repaired or replaced and pass another inspection to be be relicensed.

If you own commercial vehicles, you can find out more about commercial vehicle inspections and safety requirements from Watkin Motors Ford. The service staff can answer your questions and make repairs. You can also count on Watkin Motors Ford for purchasing your next commercial vehicle.

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