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Ford Commercial Lineup

Watkin Motors Ford provides specialized services for businesses with their Ford Commercial Sales department. Whether a business needs one vehicle or an entire fleet, they can obtain what they need from the dealership. They also receive specialized maintenance features for the upkeep of those vehicles.

Businesses often need the ability to customize vehicles to fit specific needs. Whether it is the Ford Chassis Cab, Transit Connect or another model, special accessories need to be added to accommodate the business. Ford allows companies to request a commercial body, special equipment or accessories to be fitted to the vehicle being purchased. Installations may include refrigeration systems, racks and bins, lift gates and safety partitions, among other accessories.

Companies that are growing may have a continual need for new vehicles or replacement for current models. They can apply for a line of credit with Ford Credit that allows them to purchase new vehicles without applying for multiple loans.


Ford Commercial Sales also provides extended service plans for business vehicles. It provides protection once the new vehicle warranty has ended. Multiple plans exist based on individual needs. You can discuss the options with Watkin Motors Ford to determine which plan best suits your company.

Commercial vehicles usually have to work harder and require more maintenance. The Ford Maintenance Protection Plan allows companies to prepay for future services at a reduced cost. They can budget in expenses for items that need replacement due to wear and tear.


To find out more about Ford Commercial Sales and all it offers businesses, contact Watkin Motors Ford. Check out the selection of vehicles available and the plans that keep your fleet operating smoothly. Help your business grow with vehicles from Ford.

Ross Blankley

Watkin Motors Ford

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